Alcohol spills out of the water taps in Kerala's homes

Families living in Solomon Avenue Flat in Kerala's Chalakkudy were astounded as a foul-smelling combination of alcohol and water began pouring out of their taps on Monday morning.
The families living in the apartment checked with one another and found that 18 households were significantly affected by the alcohol flow from the taps.

When investigation began it was shocking to discovered that some officials of the Irinjalakuda excise department were responsible for the concentration of alcohol. They reportedly disposed of the liquor seized in a pit next to the apartment.

The bar next to the apartment was locked almost six years ago after being charged with illegal storage of 6,000 liters of liquor. According to the owner of Solomon Avenue Apartment, their stock was confiscated by the excise agency. Shockingly, the Excise Department completed the formalities of disposing of the liquor by dumping it into a pit dug near Solomon's Avenue Apartment.