Ajith Kumar’s special photoshoot for Vijay’s close friend

Before the tag names like Thala and Thalapathy popped up and even now with the fan wars intensely going around the towns, the friendship between Ajith Kumar and Vijay has been unconditional. Recollecting one of the best things about Ajith’s great gesture, actor Sanjay, close friend of Vijay had revealed an interesting fact.

During the shoot of Dheena, when Sanjay was moving around the K-Town for chance, he accidentally met Ajith at the shooting spot. Sanjay is a disciplinarian, who never seeks the help of his friends, but instead wants to attempt everyone on his own. When Ajith Kumar coincidentally asked him about his plans, especially about his photographs, Sanjay showed a passport size photograph.

Ajith Kumar instantly asked his close friend, a photographer to arrange a professional photoshoot. Sanjay said, “This is the reason why both Ajith and Vijay are celebrated for their good heart even today.”