Ajith Kumar fans make a firm decision

The best way to show reverence and respect for a celebrity is to just follow their likes, isn’t it? In this manner, actor Ajith Kumar has always maintained a good decorum when it comes to disbanding his fans club. On the other end, he has always wanted privacy for himself and family. Although, he likes his fans and followers, he ensures that they must carry on with their respective works for the well being of their family members. Now, a particular group of fans have taken a firm decision to go by his advices and have promised that they will no more disturb him anymore in the public places. They have also requested the other fans to maintain the same and not to reveal about his presence in a particular place so that they can proceed comfortably with his works. 

Thandora Times congratulates the earnest gesture of Ajith Kumar fans for taking a firm decision respecting his values.