Ajith and Draupadi have no connection - Director's explanation

A crowd-funded Tamil film, Draupadi under the direction of G Mohan with starring  Richard Rishi who is Ajith's brother-in-law. In the trailer,the director has made it clear that the film is centered on drama love in Tamil Nadu.

Support and also opposition has also been raised as the trailer of the film from  large number of people and a large audience on YouTube. A lawsuit has been filed in court stating that the film should not be released.

In this case, a private newspaper has published an article titled 'Ajith Is Supporting Caste Frenzy'. Furious at this, Ajith's fans have lashed out at director Mohan and actor Richard on social networks.

Following this, director Mohan's Twitter account made it clear that the film has nothing to do with Ajith.