AIADMK speaks critical of Rajini's remarks

Following Rajinikanth's statement that it was a miracle when Edappadi K Palaniswami became Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, their Namadhu Amma newspaper has hit out at the actor for his remarks.

When many from reel (refering to actors) want to become leaders, Edappadi K Palaniswami is a real leader who has come up the hard way, according to an  article in the newspaper, Palaniswami rose from an ordinary party cadre to a leader. Going by what Rajinikanth says, his rise from conductor to Super star in cinema is a surprise', it added.

Speaking at Kamal Haasan's Ungal Nan, a event to celebrate Kamal Haasan's sixty years in cinema, Rajinikanth, said, 'Miracles are happening all around us. For instance, two years ago Edappadi Palaniswami would not have imagined becoming Tamilnadu's Chief Minister. When he did, many said his rule may not last a couple of weeks. It's been two years now, he has been in power overcoming all hurdles. Miracles have happened yesterday, they continue to happen today and will happen tomorrow as well'.