Actress' murder: Husband gives shocking statement, hunt on for head

Balakrishnan, a film director and producer who has been arrested for murdering his wife and a small-time actress Sandhya, has given a shocking statement to the investigation officials. In his confession, he said he murdered Sandhya because she wanted to pursue a career in acting and was moving close with some men. However, Sandhya's parents have denied these and said Balakrishnan was a 'sadist' who was unable to bear with the 'beauty of Sandhya'.

They had also said he had tonsured her head seven-eight times so that she could appear ugly. They have also called for capital punishment for him. Two weeks after a hand and two legs were found in the Pallikaranai dumpyard, the Chennai police on Wednesday claimed to have solved the gruesome crime, with the arrest of a Balakrishnan. Balakrishnan, who helmed and produced a movie titled Kadhal Ilavasam, has said that he had murdered his wife and actress Sandhya due to marital dispute, chopped off her body into parts and dumped them in various places.

A police official said, "Sandhya was murdered on January 19. She and her husband were both staying in Chennai. He suspected her fidelity and murdered her. He admitted it when we questioned him." A statement from the Greater Chennai police said Commissioner A K Viswanathan appreciated the special teams led by Deputy Commissioner Muthusamy for cracking the case with the help of just body parts.

Balakrishnan first murdered her, cut her body into several pieces and dumped some parts at a garbage bin at Power House. Along with the garbage, they were taken to dumpyard, police said.
Her hand and legs were first found by the staff of the Chennai corporation who were levelling waste at the Pallikaranai dumpyard. The police were then informed, leading to intense investigation.