ACTION THURSDAY : When Vikram turned Jet Li in Anniyan

Chiyaan Vikram is awaiting the release of Kadaram Kondan tomorrow. It s an action packed entertainer set entirely in Malaysia. Directed by Rajesh M Selva, the movie is produced by Kamal Haasan. Well, a day ahead of its release, we bring to you in Action Thursday, a splendid action scene involving Vikram, Remember Anniyan. A blockbuster from Vikram, directed by Shankar. The 2005 hit that featured Vikram in threee different get-ups (Anniyan, Remo and Ambi) was a film to reckon with in his career.

Vikram starred as Ambi, an idealistic, law-abiding lawyer who has multiple personality disorder and develops two other identities: a metrosexual fashion model named Remo, and a murderous vigilante named Anniyan. Sadha plays his love interest, Nandini. Actors Vivek, Prakash Raj, Nedumudi Venu and Nassar also feature in the film. His perforance was widely acclaimed. Vikram won adulation from all. But the highlight of the movie was Jet Lee like fight post intreval in the movie. In a bid to save the heroine (Sadha), he would fight 300 odd fighters in a big room in a club.

He would single-handedly as Anniyan thrash everyone. It was applauded in theatres. The fight was choreographed by Peter Haien. Ask any Vikram fan, he would say that it is their hero's best action scene so far on screen. The Jet Lee like fight by Vikram won him hearts of action-lovers.

The film was shoot at Hyderabad, Thanjavur, Viluppuram and Chennai, and the song sequences were filmed in Amsterdam, Mumbai, Malaysia and Tenkasi. The film was notable for its recreation of the Thyagaraja Aradhana music festival and the extensive use of time slice photography in an action sequence.