Action Thursday : When this Tamil movie surprised entire Indian industry for song-action block combo

It’s been long-long years, still we are all enthralled about the most entertaining movie of all seasons. ‘Dhool’ starring Vikram, Jyotika and Reema Sen in lead roles. The film’s album was released amidst huge fanfare, where almost all the songs became hit, except for one track, which remained completely unusually and in simple words – Pick the odd one format, which was none other than ‘Madura Veeranthaane’, crooned by Paravai Muniyamma .

However, when all the songs in the film were over, it was really doubtful among crowds, whether this song would occur or is it deleted. To everyone’s surprise, the song came during the most crucial part of the movie at pre-climax situation, where it was blended with fight sequence.

This was indeed first of its kind experience for not just Tamil audiences, but in the entire Indian film industry indeed.