Action Thursday : Shoot at same time, Vijay's bravado in Thuppakki

This week in action Thursday, let's take a look at a much-talked about stunt show involving Vijay. The actor is now trending in social media for his birthday would be celebrated big by his fans across the State. Wall posters are out everywhere hailing him Thalapathy. Special screening of his movie has been planned for the day in theatres. Coming back to the stunt scene, let's talk about the action scene from Thuppakki. Directed by A R Murugadoss, the movie featured Vijay as army officer who is on a mission to end militancy.

The adrenaline- pumping action scene featured 13 officers including Vijay. They are on a mission to kill sleeper cells. Vijay would begin the stunt saying it's a game that all will play same time. Each one will disberse as a team and follow their target. When Vijay shouts shoot through Bluetooth mobile, they shoot their targets same time. It was an action scene that is admired by fans even today. Thuppakki was a huge commercial blockbuster hit in Vijay's career.