Action Thursday : Rajinikanth packs punch in four languages

Beginning today, every Thursday, we at Thandora Times will throw light on famous action scenes in Tamil cinema which entertained action-lovers. Stunts are integral part of kollywood. From MGR to Arjun to Dhanush, all heroes made a name for themselves doing Daredevil stunt scenes. Today we will throw light on an super duper stunt scene from Rajinikanth starrer Panakkaran. Released in 1990, Panakkaran was a remake of Amitabh Bachchan's hit Laawaris.

Panakkaran brought together Rajinikanth and P Vasu for the first time. Gauthami played the heroine. The scene we are talking about is where Rajinikanth will speak in four different languages before he fights. Something which Kamal Haasan tried later in Panchathanthiram. In the scene, Rajinikanth will come to an estate to work as manager. But the employees there basically baddies wants to drive him out. They use force. But a bravado Rajinikanth will teach them a lesson giving them bloddy blows.

The five men speak different languages and Rajinikanth before packing a punch, will reply them in same language. It was an instant hit among Rajinikanth fans and audience in general. Panakkaran was a huge hit. It ran for 200 days.