Action Thursday : Oru Mottai, Rendu Sotta, 4 School Pasanga - Rajinikanth stunt show

Rajinikanth is not just a super star but a stylish action hero. His films in 1980s ooze with action scenes and mass elements. He won the hears of movie-lovers for his gravity defying action scenes. This Thursday on Action Thursday, lets throw light on Rajathi Raja made in 1989. There is an action scene in the film that is still admired and adored by Rajinikanth fans. They celebrate his performance even today. A fun-filled and entertaining stunt scene it was.

Directed by R Sundarrajan and written by Panchu Arunachalam, the movie was released on 4 March 1989. Music by Ilayaraja was a huge hit. Rajinikanth played a double role in the movie. Radha, Nadhiya, Radharavi, Janakaraj, Anandharaj were in the cast. The film was blockbuster successful in the box office and strengthened Rajinikanth as a king of Kollywood box office.

Talking about the fight, a group of goons will come to attack Rajinikanth. He would challenge them that he would not receive even a single hit from them. As he said, he would escape untouched in the fight only to pack his punches back. Also he would play around with a knife and make sure a baddie go take place as corpse in the hearse they brought for him.