Act against Arappor, assn to seek police help

Arappor Iyakkam should be monitored closely and enquiry should be done to find out how they obtained 80 G exemption from IT Dept, Black Coat Association has said.

In a press release, the association said, ' Arappor Iyakkam has been identifying itself as NGO and an RTI activist. They twist facts from RTI replies, give false news to media and threaten the concerned parties with money. They prevent officials from discharging duties'.

'Jayaram Venkatesan who runs the Iyakkam said he was apolitical. But he actually belong to Aam Aadmi Party. He got criminal case against him for forcefully entering CM' house. Subathura, Zahir Hussain and Chandrabose gave criminal cases against them'.

They act like urban naxalites. One Chandrabose has encroached corporation land constructed building. He threatened an official who wanted to take action this. We will give petition to Chennai Corporation Commissioner against such men'.

'They brainwash youngsters to fight against government and lure them with promise. They are misguiding them'. We will file complaint with police against them and created arrangements to file complaints against them through WhatsApp and website, it said.