A complete clash in DMK committee meeting

DMK's executive committee meeting in Chennai was attended by DMK leader MK Stalin, the party's top executives and trustees.

Mubarak is the DMK's District Secretary in the Nilgiris, and in 2014 he was appointed as the Nilgiris District Secretary. DMK has won 80 per cent of the Nilgiris in the current local government elections.

Speaking during the discussion, a DMK district committee member said that we did not actually own 80 per cent of the seats in the Nilgiris and we have lost the post of Ooty Panchayat Union.He also accused the District Secretary Mubarak of  DMK asked the  fielding candidates to  give 10 thousand rupees to the voters and has caused many candidates to fall debt.

Stalin in response to this allegation asked Mubarak to give explanation and Mubarak said he would give explanation through writing. Stalin got angry at this and said Mubarak to explain immediately on the platform.Mubarak, in a nutshell, said that he had paid for party expenses and quickly submitted accounts.

According to party sources, there has been a slight smokescreen in the Nilgiris district.