“They can snatch our farmlands and money, but not education” – Asuran trailer

While Dhanush has been consistently working on many projects, huge expectations mounted upon his forthcoming film ‘Asuran’ for it marks his fourth collaboration with Vetrimaaran. The trailer of this film was launched few minutes ago and it has witnessed a greater reception. It is a usual thing, where Vetrimaaran movies have a bigger scope for the best top-notch technical aspects and unique narrative element as well. In this movie, we get to see something much more prominent and that’s the dialogue. There is a particular shot, where Dhanush conveys a message to a character, which is probably his son, “They can snatch our farmlands and money, but they cannot seize education.” This is a perfect way to nail it down and if there are few more dialogues of this panache, then Asuran is definitely going to be a different film. Manju Warrier is seen in such a powerful character and so are the other roles.