68 Lakh people supports CAA: Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah has said 52 lakh people have supported the 'Missed call' scheme introduced by the BJP to support the Citizenship Amendment Act.

It was reported that the public can support by giving Missed call  to 88662 88662, for those who wish to support the law. Accordingly, many support the 'Missed call'.

Some opponents and organizations have opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act. The BJP is accusing the opposition parties for making false propaganda. The BJP plans to launch a nationwide campaign to clear the doubts and explain to the public. As part of the campaign, it was decided to go house to house and explain to the people, the Citizenship Amendment Act.

In this context, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who took part in the rally in Delhi, said the law is aimed at granting citizenship; No snatching. Conngress, Including other parties are misleading the country. A total of 68 lakh calls have been received so far through the 'Missed call' scheme to support it.