5-year-old girl falls into borewell

Even before the shock waves sent by the death of two-year-old Sujith, who fell into a borewell in Tiruchirapalli district in Tamilnadu, could vanish, a five-year-old girl fell into a 50-feet-deep borewell in Harsinghpura village in Haryana's Karnal district. A rescue operation was on to pull her out, police said today.

She fell in the borewell belonging to her family while playing in the fields on Sunday in Gharaunda area, a police official said. After her family realised that she was missing, they launched a search for the child, but then found that she had fallen into the borewell, he said.The district administration and the police were informed and a rescue operation was launched. Later, the NDRF was also informed, the official said.

Oxygen was being supplied inside the borewell and the rescuers used a camera to check on the child through which they saw her foot. An audio recording of her parent's voice was also played to give her a sense of security, the police said.