5 Unknown facts about Ajith Kumar's Vedalam

We are celebrating 5 years of Vedalam and it’s still a bigger moment to look back and see how the theatres enjoyed the entire show. It is still regarded as one of the most enjoyable entertainers of Ajit Kumar. We at Thandora Times want to bring you something more intriguing about the film with few surprising and unknown factors.

1. The first scene that was shot for the film was the pre-climax sequence at Ramee Mall in Chennai. This is the immediate next Ajith Kumar saving Lakshmi Menon from the clutches of Rahul Dev.

2. Climax fight sequence was the final one to be wrapped up with. It was filmed in Binny Mills, where Ajith Kumar had even injured his legs severely.

3. Rahul Dev, who played the villain, said that the final leg of shoot was really critical, where it was raining heavily and almost everyone on the sets were having cold-fever. Due to deadlines pressures, the next shoot was to resume within few hours by early morning. While everyone thought Ajith Kumar would have been definitely tired and not doing well, he surprised everyone by being first on the spot.

4. Soon after the shoot, Ajith Kumar was admitted at a private hospital in Central Chennai for surgery, where the fans got to know about it. They immediately gathered outside the hospital premise and started singing ‘Aaluma Doluma’ in chorus, where Ajith still feels that it was that motivation, which made him bounce back regaining his energy.

5. While the story of Vedalam was kept so much confidential from the attention of media, there were several rumours claiming that it is a remake of Baasha. Another version was that Vedalam is a horror film.