5 things that makes RUN still an unbeatable attraction in Tamil cinema's commercial list

With Madhavan-Meera Jasmine starrer “RUN” completing 17 years, we at Thandora Times bring you 5 good reasons why it is still celebrated as one of the best commercial entertainers of all times.

1. The first point is none other than the opening song itself. ‘Theradi Veedhiyil’ became such a massive hit for not just beautiful tune. The song is placed exactly after the title credits. It is noteworthy that Late lyricist Na. Muthukumar asked Lingusamy whata if the audience miss the song, for which the director replied, “Don’t worry sir! There will be repeat audience for the sake of this song.” Of course it happened.

2. Madhavan-Meera Jasmine combination was so cute and adorable as they together looked really cute.

3. Madhavan’s first ever action avatar. Especially, the ‘Shutter’ scene still remains to be one of the brilliant action sequences.

4. It was a real tough and risky bet, where the comedian doesn’t meet Hero and the entire portion was set parallel. However, Vivek almost became a second hero in this movie.

5. Raghuvaran-Anu Hassan combo and Atul Kulkarni’s debut as baddie became yet another highlighting traits of this movie.