5 reasons to watch Suriya's Kappaan

Suriya starrer Kaappaan is all set for worldwide release on September 20 and the fans are pretty much exhilarated about his new arrival. While the film has already generated some good hype through its visual promos and audio, we have 5 reasons, why the film will be a worthy watchable one.

1. Suriya-KV Anand success combo with Ayan and Maattraan

Suriya-KV Anand duo has already made a trenchant mark through its erstwhile collaborations in Ayan and Maattraan. The visual promos of Kaappaan have ensured that it’s going to be yet another film with a promising package.

2. Harris Jayaraj’s BGM 

The songs of Kaappaan might have not been so much engrossing for the music lovers, but Harris always gives his best into the BGM for KV Anand movies. So happens to be the expectations mounting up with Kaappaan.

3. Visual grandeur

When it comes to grandeur, KV Anand never misses to compromise with the visuals and it happens to be one of the most intriguing elements in his movies. Both the trailers of Kaappaan has registered it clearly that there is going to be a visual treat.

4. Multi-starrer bonanza 

In the recent times, there haven’t been any movies with such a powerful star-cast on the Pan-Indian level. Be it Mohanlal or Boman Hirani, who have carved a niche for their outstanding performances or the young league of Arya-Suriya-Sayyeshaa, they are really tremendous.

5. A theme that is relevantly commendable

This happens to be the major strength of KV Anand movies right from the beginning of his career. Most of his movies have featured protagonists in the role of unsung heroes, who keep contributing in one way or the other to the country and society. So will be Kaappaan.