5 reasons to watch Market Raja MBBS

Director Saran is a well celebrated filmmaker with his ‘Entertainment Masala Mix’ Recipe. Across the years, he has churned out lots of blockbuster hits and is now making his comeback after a long hiatus through ‘Market Raja MBBS’ starring Arav and Kavya Thapar in lead roles. With the film hitting screens on day after tomorrow, November 29, we at Thandora Times bring you 5 good reasons to watch this film. 

Arav- The charmer of young lads and girls 

It’s been almost 2-3 years ever since Arav gained the title of ‘Bigg Boss Winner’, but still the fandom that he is experiencing isn’t fading. Moreover, he merely doesn’t bank on his looks, but instead has given a tremendous performance in two different avatars. One being a rugged rowdy and another as a polite and innocent man.

Saran movies have sparkling heroines 

Right from the beginning of his career, director Saran has equipped his movies with sparkling heroines. He has introduced more than 30 heroines in the industry and we have Kavya Thapar from Telugu film industry embarking on her journey in Tamil industry with this movie. Nikesha Patel appears in an important role. 

An ensemble star-cast 

Saran movies never miss this quotient and his films are always spangled with huge star-cast. This film has Radhika Sarathkumar, Rohini, Nassar, Sayaji Shinde, Aditya, Chaams and nearly 25 artistes. None of them are purposely included in the film and they have substantial roles. 

Saran – The King of Entertainment 

Across couple of decades, filmmaker Saran has made an appealing impact with his entertaining movies. He has never missed to amuse the crowds with the right mix of emotions, glamour, comedy, action and sentiments. Market Raja MBBS also boasts of a similar paradigm. 

Simon K King’s BGM 

The young and happening music director has started capturing the interests of audiences. With his outstanding BGM in Kolaigaran, he has now already managed to have the song ‘Dha Dha’ topping the charts. It is said that his BGM in this film is going to be an additional attraction.