5 reasons to watch Kathir’s Jada

Actor Kathir starrer “Jada” is gearing up for worldwide release on this Friday (December 6). There has been decorous response to the film’s trailer and songs. We at Studio Flicks bring you 5 good reasons to watch the film. 

The team of Vikram Vedha 

It might look not completely visible, but almost everyone from the team has been somewhere involved in the remarkable magnum opus of ‘Vikram Vedha’. You can feel the impact and intensity of the film in the trailer of “Jada”.  

Kathir is establishing his stardom 

It is evident that Kathir has been carefully nurturing his career graph with choice of good scripts. He looks firm and confident with what he does. Moreover, after the prominence gained through Vikram Vedha, Pariyerum Perumal and now Bigil.  With such movies, his star status is gradually increasing… 

Trailer increasing the curiosity levels 

The trailer of Jada has increased the expectations furthermore. While the first part of the trailer was looking a normal sports commercial entertainer, the second half became more exciting due to supernatural elements. 

Sam CS’ thundering BGM

Sam CS’ musical score has become the major asset for many movies, especially for the ones with intense stories. Now this film is definitely enjoying this privilege as we get to see the impact through songs and trailer. 

The strong and substantial story 

More than all, the story of “Jada” itself is promising and it is going to be a real winner for this reason as the makers believe. They are very much sure that the twist that comes by the middle of story will be an amazing one for the audiences.