5 lessons you can follow for becoming a successful person

It’s been 12 years and we are still proud of one film that actually didn’t glorify our National sports – Hockey. Chak De India just did not bring in the importance of game, how to tackle the opponents and win the championship nor did it emphasize ‘Women Empowerment’, but it imparted some of the best lessons that one can get inspired and follow to become a successful person in personal and professional life.

1. Drop your personal desires and work for a brand

There is a particular scene in the film, where Shahrukh Khan asks the women players to introduce themselves. They all come up mentioning their name along with the state, where they come from and one among them says ‘INDIA’. The protagonist pulls up a message saying that you might come from different states and names, but just one ‘Brand’ should be your identity. So it is evident that when you’re working for a company or firm, you’ve to push the bars and work as a team for achieving the goal.

2. Don’t attack the enemy, but the mind

This is really an incredible one to win in any battle. When you’re battling or competing with your opponent, you are supposed to attack his mind, which will make your job easier. 

3. When you show your best and win, the negative things about you will fade

This isn’t merely a statement that comes as a preaching element from Shahrukh Khan, but it applies to him as Kabir. Where he is labeled as ‘Traitor’ in the beginning of this film after losing the finals to Pakistan and after the Women team wins the World Cup, a little boy scratches and erases that word from his wall compound. So whatever might have been the mistakes and bad name you earned in the past, show your best and win, they’ll eclipse them easily.

4. You can die, but never loose

This is an adamant stuff! Never give up or don’t ever give up. You can die battling, but never lose the game.

5. Give your best into your project and everything will fall right in places

Your opponent might be bigger and well equipped than you, but when you exert the best efforts, everything will fall right in places favourable for you.