5 closest links between Evaru and Saaho

Be it big or small budgeted movies, Telugu films have become the cynosure of everyone’s eyes irrespective of what genre or star values they posses. As ardent film buffs, we happened to watch ‘Evaru’ last week and now after watching Prabhas’ magnum opus ‘Saaho’, we get to see that there are few similarities, which are purely coincidental.

Here are some of such instances…

In ‘Evaru’, we come across the protagonist disguised as a police officer and by the final moment reveal the true identity. In ‘Saaho’, it’s same as Prabhas appears as an undercover cop and then reveals his true identity.

However, there is something little unique. The female lead in ‘Evaru’ (who happens to be the antagonist as well) finds out that there is another police officer with the same name. Similarly, Shraddha Kapoor albeit being a good character is also pretty shocked to know about the true identity of Prabhas and Neil Nitin Mukesh. 

In ‘Evaru’, the character involved in the drama doesn’t know who is the actually son of deceased victim and ‘Saaho’ also has the same, where none have seen this character.

In ‘Evaru’, the protagonist takes up a mission for a personal purpose and even in ‘Saaho’ the reason happens to be the same.

The final twist in ‘Evaru’ reveals that the ‘Blackmailer’ is none other than main person and here in ‘Saaho’ too the main person behind the drama of assassinating four people happens to be the same one…