45 years of Rajinism - Superstar Rajinikanth decided to quit

Rajinikanth is more than a word and is a religion to many beyond the territories of linguistic barriers and boundaries. The actor has completed 45 years in the Tamil film industry filled with only success. However, the Superstar decided to quit films at these 3 crucial points of time.

1. Baasha – Soon after the success of Baasha, the actor decided to remain away from the spotlights as he felt that God has given him wealth, name and fame more than he had imagined. It was during this time, his mentors like K Balachandar and SP Muthuraman advised him to act only for big banners. This is where; he decided to limit his movies and frequency of releases. 

2. Padaiyappa – Yet again, he was inclined to spirituality after the success of Padaiyappa. He decided to quit films and relocate to Himalayas to find peace. During one such moment, he admitted that he found a vision of ‘Baba’ screenplay and that’s the reason behind the selfless motive of making this movie. This is the reason why he compensated for the financial loss of this movie. 

3. 2.0 – Before the commencement of 2.0, Rajinikanth was not feeling well and was sure that 2.0 is going to demand for more energy. Eventually, he personally rang up to Aamir Khan and asked him to take up this project as it would earn him a huge status both financially and as a star. However, Aamir Khan simply said, “Endhiran without you sir will be soulless and you must do it.”