4 Prison guards suspended in Puducherry for selling cell phone to prisoners

Four prison guards have been sacked for selling cell phones to inmates in Puducherry prison. Inmates in the Central Prison have complained that they are threatening businessmen with their cell phones. During the search, police recovered 10 mobiles and several SIM cards from under-trial prisoners. Inquiries conducted by the police and higher officials in the department revealed that the wardens were the main source for jail inmates to procure mobile phones. They allegedly collected money from the inmates and supplied the phones to the prisoners, sources said. Subsequently, the jail management has ordered the dismissal of prison guards Sabari, Sankar, Seanu and Ramachandran. 

The case against the under-trial, Nithish Sharma, has been registered. Last Sunday, the police went into a shot of adrenaline after the control room received a phone call to keep the bombs in Raj Nivas and the railway station.No explosives were recovered during the raid. It was later revealed that the phone threat was just a hoax.