3 lakh people use Chennai Metro's share autos and cabs

The Chennai Metro, which has launched share auto and share cab facilities in some of its stations in August last year to improve last-mile connectivity, has said over 3 lakh commuters have utilised these services. Close to 90 thousand commuters utilised its last-mile connectivity option in March and April. Share autos were priced at Rs 5 and share cabs were priced at Rs 10 for three kilometres from select metro stations.

Meanwhile, after people began a petition against the Chennai Metro Rail Limited's (CMRL) reported plans to take over Panagal Park in T Nagar to build a subway station, authorities have clarified that there is no such plan in the pipeline. They further alleged that this was a lie spread to malign the image of the CMRL.  An online petition launched by Friends of Panagal Park on Monday afternoon, had received over 1,000 signatures by 8 am on Tuesday.