22 years of Titanic & Kadhalukku Mariyaadhai – 5 similarities between epic love stories

On this date before 22 years, the world witnessed the release of everlastingly huge love story – the Titanic. On the same day, in Tamil Nadu, there was a storming love story, which commuted crowds all over the places to the theatres.

Thandora Times brings you 5 striking similarities between these movies.

1. While Titanic ends on tragic note drowned in waters, Kadhalukku Mariyaadhai ends with joyful tears. 

2. Hero and Heroine in both movies keep running away during a night time from the clutches of baddie, who wants them to get separated. 

3. While Jack gets onboard, he leaves his hands free with dreams of leading a happy future in USA. In the same way, we find Jeevanantham going hands free on bike dreaming a great future with his ladylove.

4. Vijay draws the image of his ladylove Mini and Jack does the same with Rose as well.

5. In a particular scene, Chain plays an important role where Mini’s chain gets hooked to Jeevanantham’s shirt. Similarly, Chain plays an important role in Titanic as well.