21% Chennaiites don't know their neighbours: Survey

A latest survey has revealed that 57% of respondents regularly leave their key under the front door mat while they are away; only 16.5 % would choose to close/lock all the windows if planning to leave the house for less than 30 minutes, and only 18 % would bother to lock the front gate if absent for a similar period. The survey by Godrej Security Solutions (GSS) went on to reveal that only 20 percent of residents of Chennai believe in resorting to the legacy measure of keeping a watchman for safety purposes.

Also, a bare minimum of 14.5 % respondents use a bank locker to store their valuables yet only 14.8 % of these respondents have misplaced their documents. The consequences of India’s so-called ‘Careless Quotient’ were also revealed in the research; 51.8% of respondents admitted to regularly misplacing their wallet, while 48.9% have lost important items such as car keys or house keys. As a result, over a third of Indian householders (24.6%) are spending 45 - 60 minutes a week searching for their lost valuables.

And, 21% Chennaiites don't know their neighbours. These findings are published against a backdrop of heightened concerns for home and personal security in India. According to a global crowdsourced database portal, Numbeo 2 , 43.47% of Indians are worried about home-break-ins while 42% are concerned about being mugged and robbed.