2 lakhs people to welcome Trump on his way to Ahmedabad

US President Trump arrives to Ahmedabad on May 24 with his wife, Melania Trump. Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets them on the airport who arrival on Air Force One.

Following the reception, the Trump couple and Prime Minister Modi drive the cars along the road to the Sabarmati Ashram. They are greeted by people standing on either side of the road. Then the cars are back on the road to the newly built Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Cricket Ground from the Sabarmati Ashram. There is a huge event called Namaste Trump. It is anticipated that more than 1 lakh people will attend. 

Trump has released a video recording of these events. He said that there would be 7 million people (70 lakh) to welcome on his way to Ahmedabad.

But the population of Ahmedabad city is only 70 lakh to 80 lakh. So there was the question of how 7 million people would come to welcome Trump.

Last week, Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra said that nearly 1 lakh people would come to welcome Trump.

In turn, he posted a post on Twitter. In it, he said, “The US President is 22 km. More than 200,000 people are sure to welcome him on the road trip. Ahmedabad has a great chance to show Indian culture to the world. ”

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani held a high-level meeting in Gandhi nagar yesterday to discuss Trump's visit.

State Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja described the transport and security arrangements. It was explained that the main attractions of the cricket stadium are the presence of the most important figures, the provision of seating for them, and cultural events.

There will be 50 shows set on the road to Trump, including art shows; Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra said the entire route will be beautified. He added that up to 2 million people will come to welcome Trump on his way.