170 pilgrimage where sent back from Chennai Airport

170 people out of 258 passenger who were on pilgrims to Umrah, who were about to board Jeddah flight to Saudi Arabia, which was was scelduded to depart from Chennai airport at 12.15 pm.
When the passangers where waiting to board the flight after immigration clearance, they were announced by officials that the passangers visiting Umrah cannot board the Jeddah flight to Saudi Arabia. 

When the passangers enquired about the issue to the officials, it was reported that the Saudi government is not ready accept the foreigners to enter into thier country to the Corona spread. Then the passengers argued that the Saudi government had already approved their visas for Umrah.

Later, senior officials met the passengers with a copy of the order issued by the Saudi government and clarified that the order just arrived at the airport only after 11 am. They said that following the Coronavirus attack people from India could not fly to Saudi Arabia. The pilgrims left the airport dejected after the explanation and the flight departed for Jeddah with 88 passengers in transit.