12YEARS 0F Billa – When Ajith Kumar clarified, “I want to be Superstar”

If you have been an avid follower of Ajith Kumar during the early 2Ks, there would have been a serious issue going around that time. One was about his statement of “I want to be next Superstar”. The situation was very much complicated, where it was wrongly perceived by media and public. During the movie launch meet of Billa, where Ajith Kumar had interacted with the media and press, the picture got clearer.

One of the media personnel asked him, “What do you mean by the statement – I want to be the next Superstar? Don’t you think it’s a kind of arrogant or adamant statement?” Ajith Kumar politely replied saying, “When your children come to you excitedly and say, “Dad, I want to become a doctor, engineer or scientist, would you scold them or pat their shoulders encouraging?” Journalist replied, “Obviously, I would encourage them.” For this Ajith Kumar replied, “Then why do you scold me.  For any actor like me, ‘Superstar’ is the biggest status in the industry and we are working towards it.” 

The entire auditorium in the 5 Star Hotel, where this event happened was bounded to instant applause when Ajith Kumar said this.