11 Ministers want Theresa May to step down, says report

A report has cited 11 unidentified senior United Kingdom Ministers and said they had agreed that the Prime Minister Theresa May should stand down. The Sunday Times said there was a 'coup' by senior Ministers seeking to oust her. When asked by Sky about reports in The Sunday Times and other newspapers of a plot and whether she had run out of road, Finance Minister Philip Hammond said: “No. I don’t think that is the case at all.” “Changing Prime Minister wouldn’t help us,” Hammond said.

Hammond said the best way forward would be for Parliament to back. May’s deal, although he said that it might not be approved and so Parliament should then try to find a way to end the impasse. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people marched across central London on Saturday to demand another Brexit referendum. Last week, European Union leaders had offered the United Kingdom more time to ease itself out of the bloc. French President Emmanuel Macron warned it was the responsibility of UK lawmakers to approve a Brexit deal and make sure Britain does not crash out of the bloc without an agreement.

EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani said, "We are all waiting, waiting for what the British intend to do. We are all concerned." The House of Commons is split, both among and within its political parties, over whether and how to leave the EU. It has twice rejected the deal Prime Minister Theresa May brokered with the bloc’s leaders late last year.