10 years of Shruthi Haasan – The Girl who overtook Luck and never sought Laabam

From Luck to Laabam is what has been the journey of Shruthi Haasan. To label her as the actress might look something stereotypical for she has been an exceptional multi-faceted personality. From debuting in female lead role through Hindi movie ‘Luck’ and nailing it down perfectly with her Tamil debut ‘7am Arivu’, she enthralled the crowds with her musical debut for her father-Kamal Haasan’s Unnai Pol Oruvan. Aftermath the successful venture as an actress and music director, she proved herself a champion hosting talk shows on OTT platforms. Today, she remains not merely a topmost actress, but a brilliant artiste, who has brushed away the myth that it is only by luck she survives and yes, she has never been an addict to Laabam (profit), but purely adhered to hard work and dedication. Of course, she is now debuting in American TV series, which will be soon premiered in ABC channel.

We at Thandora Times congratulate Shruthi Haasan over her remarkable journey in the world of films.