10 amazing facts about Ajith Kumar in 26 years of journey

As actor Ajith Kumar completes 26 years of his journey in the film industry, we bring you some of the exciting facts about the actor on behalf of Thandora Times.

1. Ajith Kumar is well known for respecting the values of friendship. The actors and technicians, who worked with him during the early days, are still his close friend. An example would be the actor making one of his ‘Amaravathi’ co-artiste’s son play an important role in his upcoming film Valimai.

2. By the time, Kandukondein Kandukondein was made, Ajith Kumar became a very good friend to Rajeev Menon. It seems that during the pre-release time of ‘Red’, the actor had some financial issues that played a barricade. He sought the help of Rajeev Menon and within one week of film’s release, he returned back the money.

3. Ajith Kumar never intervenes into the story crafted by directors. When AR Murugadoss made his directorial debut with Ajith Kumar’s Dheena, the actor just made a small request to the director to give him a property of unique neck chain. He assured that it would become a fashion trend among the fans. After the film’s release, it was literally astonishing to see each and every fan of Ajith wore the same design chain.

4. During the shoot of Ashoka, Santhosh Sivan wanted an actor who looks so handsome and beautiful as Shahrukh Khan to play his brother’s role. That’s when Ajith Kumar was cherry picked for the role.

5. When Vivegam didn’t meet the expectations of the industry, heavy comments were passed that it’s going to be the end of Siva innings. But Ajith Kumar ensured that he must direct his next film as well .That is when ‘Viswasam’ happened and it became a major hit for the director that won him bigger offer to direct Superstar Rajinikanth.

6. During the release of Kireedom, director Vijay was little worried about the mixed results, but on the first day of release, he had Ajith Kumar congratulating him on phone stating that it was really a good experience to work with the director and assured they will work together again soon.

7. Before ‘Aasal’ was announced, it was Gautham Vasudev Menon, who was supposed to make a film with Ajith Kumar. But due to some issues the film didn’t happen and the director made a rough comment on the actor stating “I don’t want to work with people who don’t have their heads properly fixed over the body.” But couple of years later, Ajith Kumar without any ego offered him a chance to direct his movie. It was a crucial time for GVM as his films didn’t perform in box office and the one that was supposed to happen with Suriya was dropped.

8. During the shoot of ‘Billa’, Ajith Kumar casually asked actor Prabhu what’s his next production plans. Prabhu replied, “ Just waiting for an actor like you to give call sheet”. Do you know what the next thing that happened? When Prabhu thought it was a casual joke, but Ajith on the spot promised and agreed to work with Sivaji Productions for ‘Aasal’.

9. Everyone admires the newly built house of Ajith Kumar today. But during the early 2000s,when his movies didn’t perform well, he lost everything and what remained with him was just a 1BHK apartment and a Maruti 800 car. The will power, hard work and good heart made him escalated to the greater heights.

10. Any journalist, who walked into his house during the early days of his career would say this uniformly, “We will never see him sitting idle. He would be involved in some sort of activities, at least changing oil for his bikes. This is how he beat the depression and kept him self positively occupied.