'The Time Has Changed' video released by Pandian Stores fame Mullai and Kathir

Actor Kumaran and Chitra have released a video to put an end to the rumors surrounding them.

Vijay TV's Pandian Stores is one of the TV series currently airing. The serial is centered on the family story and features the character Chitra as Mullai and the character Kumaran as Kadir.
According to the story, the two got married unexpectedly. Since then the two have come to understand each other and move on with life, and the romance between the two has been well received by fans. So they both have a lot of fans.

Recently, however, it has been revealed that the two are having problems and that one is leaving the serial soon. Chitra explained that she currently has no idea of ​​leaving the series. I am a lively person. Kumaran is very quiet. But we have no problems. ”

At this point, the two have now shared rumors surrounding themselves. In a video posted on his Instagram page, Kumaran said, “Time has already changed. There are no major problems with the way you think or talk. These are just minor issues that come into friends. Sometimes it is normal for some people to get angry. So don't trust the storytellers. We are good friends. Please do continue to support us. ”