Thirumanam Movie Review

Production : Preniss International Director : Cheran Cast : Umapathy Ramaiah, Cheran, Kavya Suresh, Sukanya, Thambi Ramaiah, Manobala Cinematography : Rajesh Yadav Editing : Ponnuvel Damodaran Music : Siddharth Vipin Story : Cheran Dialogue : Cheran

After a long break comes Cheran as filmmaker and actor with Thirumanam. As the title suggests the movie dwells about marriage and problems associated with it. The director known for hs message-driven films reflecting reality in the society makes it a family watch with right emotional elements that clicks with audience. In a nutshell, the movie is about a couple who fall in love with each other. They inform their families. And when preparations begins both the families find differences and thay put a hurdle in wedding preparations. A story that we are familiar with. We would heard it around out neighbourhood. Cheran gives a fresh colour to it.

Veteran heroine Sukanya is back and she dazzles her in character. Umapathy, son of Thambi Ramiah plays the pivotal role while there is Kavya Suresh and Seema in key characters. Cheran dones greasepaint after a long time to deliver a packed performance. Mahesh (Umapathy) and Aadhira (Kavya Suresh) are lover couples. One fine day they decide to get married. They inform their families. When both families sit and decide about their weddig, all hell breaks loose.

Mahesh's elder sister Manonmani (Sukanya) and uncle Arunachalam (MS Baskar) come to forefront while Aadhira's brother Arivu (Cheran), uncle Kumaraguru (Thambi Ramaiah) and mother Vadivaambal (Seema) get desperate to arrange the wedding. Arivu and Manonmani have differences of opinion over many things. Arivu, being a practical and an emotional man, wants to keep the affair simple while Manonmani insists on a gala wedding. What happens then forms the rest.

Sukanya is the scene-stealer, while Cheran is as usual sedate and soft. Umapathy and Kavya Suresh play their part well. However the feeling of watching a mega serial is an eyesore. Also the pace in which it progresses is slow. However for Cheran's honest attempt the movie can be watched.

Verdict : Wedding blues
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