Thadam Movie Review

Production : Radhan - The Cinema People Director : Magizh Thirumeni Cast : Arun Vijay, Tanya Hope, Vidya Pradeep, Soori, Aadukalam Naren Cinematography : Sakthi Saravanan Editing : N. B. Srikanth Music : Arun Raj Story : Magizh Thirumeni Dialogue : Magizh Thirumeni

Crime thrillers are a rarity in Tamil cinema. Magizh Thirumeni after Thadaiyara Thaaka with Arun Vijay has ventured on a different path for Thadam. It is a crisp and intense crime story. The investigation process of police and the loopholes in our system that help the criminal go free are well-researched and highlighted.

Arun Vijay seems to be going from strength-to-strength. In Thadam, he plays a dual role. And what is interesting is that he has come up trumps portraying two shades well. The key is good writing by MagizhThirumeni. He has maintained suspense element in such a way all through that will bring you to your seat edge.

Tanya Hope, FEFSI VijayanSmruthi, Tanya Hope among others play supporting cast. Sonia Agarwal plays a key role. The story revolves around Ezhil and Kavin (Arun Vijay). Former is a engineer and the latter a conman who cheats people and makes money along with his friend Yogi Babu. Meanwhile Ezhil falls for Deepika(Tanya Hope). All goes well untill a murder tales place.

The police set out to investigate the crime. The only evidence for them is a picture of 
arun Vijay at the crime scene. They artrest Ezhil only to find out that there is also Kavin, a look alike of him. Both are detained. Both plead innocence. What happens then forms the rest. Tanya Hope is bubbly and cute while Smruthi as sub inspector is good. FEFSIVijayan is rugh and tough.

Three cheers to Arun Vijay for he carries the whole burden in his shoulders to deliver a cool performance. He is there giving his best. Magizh Thirumeni has made it a crisp and engaging fare. All cheers to his hard work. Thadam makes a good watch.

Verdict : Engaging fare
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