Simba Movie Review

Production : Magic Chair Films, Yasodha Films Director : Arvind Sridhar Cast : Bharath, Premji Amaran, Swathi Deekshith Cinematography : Sinu Siddharth Editing : Achu Vijayan Music : Vishal Chandrasekhar Story : Arvind Sridhar Dialogue : Arvind Sridhar

After a brief interval, actor Bharath is back. But this time far away from a commercial cinema. Call it an experimental movie. It is a film that speaks about a stoner. In a nutshell, the story is about a dopehead who becomes a friend with a Great Dane, a pet of his neighbour. The bonding that they continue to share forms the crux.

Directed by newcomer Arvind Sridhar, the movie is billed as Tamil cinema's first stoner comedy. Mahesh (Bharath) is a carefree youth and is a dope addict. He is his world. Drugs make up his life. Things take a turn when his neighbour Madhu (Bhanu Sri Mehra) urges him to take care of her pet Great Dane called Simba.

Interestingly for Mahesh, who is down with drugs, this Simba appears as a person. For him it is Premgi Amaramn. The movie then proceeds in a different angle. The efforts of Mahesh and simba to get Madhu fall for Mahesh makes up the story.

The movie begins with a promise. But soon the story wanders and there is nothing in it to be dragged for over couple of hours.The story is wafer-thin and Bharath shoulders whole burden. Premgi tries his best to evoke some humour. But all said, the execution falters after some time. Simba is a decent watch for the experiment tried by the filmmaker.

Verdict : Neither here, nor there
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