Peranbu Movie Review

Production : Shree Rajalakshmi Films Director : Ram Cast : Mammootty, Anjali, Sadhana, Anjali Cinematography : Theni Easwar Editing : Suriya Pradhaman Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja Story : Ram Dialogue : Ram


Director Ram is a filmmaker who opts for sensitive themes and never makes commercial compromises. He is there to speak his heart. Be it Kattradhu Thamizh,  Thanga Meengal or Taramani, his films were acclaimed with raving reviews. He picks up an social issues and deals with it a sincere manner that will leave a lump in the throats of audience once they come out of movie hall watching his movies.

Now Ram is back with an emotional drama starring one of the finest actor of Indian cinema Mammootty. When two great talents come together, no doubt we are assured of a finest end product. Baby Sadhana is there to impress one and all again. Anjali, who made a name for herself doing off the beat roles is there to win laurels of movie-lovers. The movie's storyline is simple. All credit to Ram for the treatment to the story. A gripping screenplay and engrossing sequence of events makes it a special one.

Mammootty plays Amudhavannan, an ex NRI. His physically challenged daughter Paapa is his world. Their journey and the changes Paapa brings in Amudhavannan makes up the story. The travails of Amudhavannan in bringing up special child and difficulties he face makes up the film. It leads to lot of changes in Amudhavannan. Three cheers Mammootty. No wonder he is the best actor in the country. He pours right emotions. His expressions and confused state of mind are brought out well.

Baby Sadhana is tailor-made for the character. She is the flesh and blood of the movie. And Anjali begins from where she left in Taramani. Expressive and spontaneous, she steals the show. 
Ram is ably guided by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The songs add strength while BGM brings out emotions. A moving story of father daughter bonding. Ram has made it too realistic. It doesn't glorify characters. All are shown simple humans. The travails and changing emotions are the key. Growing up a special child, patience to be shown and sacrifices to be made are brought out well.

Not all cinema are meant for dance snd whistle, movies like Peranbu stick to your heart. They make you emotional. Engrossing you to your seats. Three cheers to PL Thenappan for bankrolling such a venture. Peranbu is a poetry on screen.


Verdict : Engrossing & Engaging
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