Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Review

Production : Red Giant Movies Director : Seenu Ramasamy Cast : Udhayanidhi Stalin, Tamannaah Cinematography : Jalandhar Vasan Editing : Kasi Viswanathan Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja Story : Seenu Ramasamy Dialogue : Seenu Ramasamy


Director Seenu Ramasamy is known for emotional drama. His movies speak about human values. They are mostly set in rural backdrop with a thrust on family values. Here comes kanne Kalaimaane in his signature style. It is set in a rural village with events set around a young farmer, who strives for organic farming.

Interestingly the movie speaks Bout the live between a farmer and his wife, who is a manager in an agriculture bank that gives loan to farmers. They fall in love and get married. But an incident changes their lives. A shrewd Seenu Ramasamy talk about family values but never fails' to throw light on problems faced by farmers, need for organic farming and the difficulties farmers face in repayment of their lians Also he speaks about the travails of students in taking up NEET exams in Tamilnadu.

Udhay as hero does a good act. His subtle emotions deserves appreciations. As a dutiful son to his father, loving hubby to Tammanah and a good friends to his mates, he excels. Tammannah is the highlight. She has yet again proved after Dharmadurai that she is a phenomenal actress. Her performance is a boost. Poo Ramu as Udhay's father is good. But stealing the show are Vadivukkarasi and Vasundhara. They live their roles. Another highlight is Yuvan's  music and songs. He always gives his best for Seenu Ramasamy.

Cinematography is cool capturing village beauty. Jalandhar Vasan's camera speaks volumes. On the flip side, the movie lacks pace and is predictable. The emotional drama is only towards the climax. A dejavu prevails.


Verdict : Rural tale
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Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Review, Kanne Kalaimaane Revie