Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 Movie Review

Production : Handmade Films Director : Rambhala Cast : Santhanam, Shritha Sivadas, Deepti, Rajendran, Bipin, Urvashi Cinematography : Deepak Kumar Pathy Editing : Madhavan Madhu Music : Shabir Story : Rambhala Dialogue : Rambhala

Santhanam is back after a long gap with a heroic role. A sequel to his earlier hit Dhilluku Dhuddu. And yet again a spooky entertainer. This time more humour and hilarious one-liners. And in the company of Mottai Rajendran, Santhanam sparkles in this film. The premise is predictable and storyline proceeds as expected. But a better treatment would have made a lot of difference.

The movie is all about Santhanam and Rajendran. Their onscreen chemistry is all what the movie reflects. Add it to some spooky encounters, the end product is engaging. Directed by Rambhala, Dhilluku Dhuddu is about a callous guy who falls in love with a girl who has a mysterious family background. Santhanam is the flesh and blood of the movie.

Viji (Santhanam), is an autorickshaw driver who lives with his uncle (Rajendran). They booze and enjoy and they are pain for people living nearby. Enters Karthik, (TM Karthik), living near Viji's house. A practising doctor, he loves his colleague Maya (Shrita). But that doesn't materialise. At one point, he understands that Maya has some eerie powers. So he without telling that ensures Viji loves her. After a sequence of events, Viji goes to Maya's place in Kerala to get her married. There begins all drama. A series of spooky encounters. What happens then forms the crux. Santhanam is the big plus. He is at his ease in comedy. There is romance and some action sequence for him. Shrita is bubbly and energetic. She has a meaty role to do.

There is Urvashi who in the company of Santhanam evokes humour. TM Karthik plays his funny part well. But hats off to Motta Rajendran who along with Santhanam brings the roof down with laughter. Dhilluku Dhuddu  is a laugh riot bit weak story lets its down. If you laughter, watch the same.

Verdict : Eerie entertainer
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