Boomerang Movie Review

Production : Masala Pix Director : R. Kannan Cast : Atharvaa, Megha Akash, Indhuja, Upen Patel, Sathish, RJ Balaji Cinematography : Prasanna Kumar Editing : RK Selva Music : Radhan Story : R. Kannan Dialogue : R. Kannan

Director Kannan and actor Atharvaa come together after Ivan Thanthiran for Boomerang. This time for a better and a big venture. Titled Boomerang, it speaks lofty about the need to embrace farming, corporate culture, village life and so on. What is more interesting is that Kannan has made it a commercial entertainer with enough elements to engage audience.

Atharvaa plays Sakthi and Siva and he come up trumps. He shows right variations and make it a good watch. His modulation in dialogue delivery and his body language deserve special mention. Megha Akash, Gopal, RJ Balaji, Upen Patel, Indhuja form part of the cast. Boomerang begins with a face surgery done to Siva (Atharvaa). His face is swapped with that of Sakthi's (Atharvaa). When Siva thinks that everything will be right and fdres in his life, now begins plenty of problems.

He gets attacked by some strangers, Siva realises that someone is after his life.He is forced to go to Trichy with his friend Gopal (Sathish) and girlfriend (Megha Akash) to know all about Sakthi. They meet Maya (Indhuja) who narrates Sakthi's life to them and tells why some people are after Siva. What follows is a revenge story. Indhuja is the flesh and blood of the movie, She is right there giving her best. Watch out for Mega Akash, the Petta girl, playing a meaty role. Upen Patel could have done more. He has limited scope too.

Radhan's music is peppy. Had Kannan infused more life in the script, Boomerang would have ended as a better product.

Verdict : Boomerang - Face, ace
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