90 ML Movie Review

Production : Nviz Entertainment Director : Anita Udeep Cast : Oviya,Anson Paul,Masoom Shankar,Monisha Ram,Shree Gopika,Bommu Lakshmi,Tej Raj Cinematography : Aravind Krishna Editing : Anthony Music : Silambarasan Story : Anita Udeep Dialogue : Anita Udeep

Who said all fun and joy only for men? A group of girls who gets acquainted with a progressive girl see their life change for best. This is what is the crux of 90 ML by director Anita Udeep, If Oviya playing the lead girl garnered excitement for the movie, the trailers and sneak peek won it greater hype. An 'A' certified movie with an adult content, the movie is enjoyable in part though an emotional drama is badly missed.

Anita Udeep is clear about her priorities. From word go, she seems to be targeting young audience. The content is sleazy and has enough in it to enjoy. The film begins with Thamara (Bommu Lakshmi) and her husband choosing to go to a psychiatrist (Devadarshini). The issue  is that Thamira is a excessive drinker. Thamira meets Rita (Oviya) and they come across four girls in a flat where she has newly moved to. The lives of Thamara, Kajal (Masoom Shankar), Paru (Sree Gopika) and Suganya (Monisha) see a surprising change after they meet Rita. They speak about anything and everything under the sun and life takes a different turn for all of them. Now the onus is on Rita to address the personal problems faced by her friends. Oviya is dazzling as a free and independent girl. She is right there delivering her best. As a liberated free girl of modern times, she fits the role well. The rest of the crew are adequate. Watch out for a cameo by Simbhu towards the end. 

The dialogues are the highlight. A few that objectifying women could have been avoided. However the guts to discuss few things needs an appreciation.The highlight is Simbu's peppy music. Anita Udeep had made an experimental film and ventured to boy zone.

Verdict : Women's world
Thandoratimes Rating :
Oviya,Anson Paul,Masoom Shankar,Monisha Ram,Shree Gopika,Bommu Lakshmi,Tej Raj,90 ML,Silambarasa